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Hello and welcome to my Origami Owl site to shop with me . Take a look around to create the most meaningful piece of jewelry you will ever gift to you or your loved one. Need a gift fast? Text 858-243-4568 for an e-certificate or a locket delivered to her from me. Visit my blog locketsandcharms. com or youtube. com/locketsncharms to be in the new of what's new! I am available for Locket Birthday Parties, Fundraising and Philanthropy, and local vendor events. I am also open to share more info about our mother/daughter mother/son training and development program with Origami Owl. Contact me today, Jennylou Raya - 186th Ind. Designer serving you since 2012* email is jennylou@locketsandcharms. com* You can find me on all social media platforms as @locketsNncharms

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