Motherhood is Timeless


There is no expiration on a mother’s love! Our Silver Signature Locket Watch look reveals that it is your bond with Mom that spans all time! Featuring the classic look of pearls and Crystals {and a rose!}, give Mom a “timeless” gift she’ll treasure for years to come. Customize this piece further by adding in Charms that have special meaning to you and your mother!

Product Information

  • With one click purchase the ENTIRE look. Customize it by adding or removing items in your shopping bag.
  • SKU: LB1857

This set includes the following pieces

  • (1) LK5001 - Silver Signature Locket Watch with Swarovski Crystals + Stainless Steel Band
  • (1) CH1874 - Pearls and Sparkle Swarovski Crystal Charm Pack
  • (1) CH4123 - Ivory Rose Flower Charm
  • (1) CH6050 - Silver Scripted Mom Charm

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