Poolside BBQ


Lazy summer days by the pool are just a Wrap away with our Silver Wrap Twist Living Locket™ look! Take the plunge and cool off this summer with this red-and-white Wrap Bracelet featuring a handful of our “splash-tastic” summer-themed Limited Edition Charms!

Product Information

  • With one click purchase the ENTIRE look. Customize it by adding or removing items in your shopping bag.
  • SKU: LB1909

This set includes the following pieces

  • (1) LK9016 - Medium Silver Wrap Bracelet Locket Base + Face with Swarovski Crystals
  • (1) CH1868 - Clear Stardust Crystals by Swarovski
  • (1) CH3161 - Star Spangled Swimsuit Charm
  • (1) CH3164 - Red Charcoal Grill Charm
  • (1) CH3168 - Red White Blue Beach Ball Charm
  • (1) CH7030 - Watermelon Charm
  • (1) PC1002 - Medium Red Polka Dot Plate
  • (1) BR4054 - Red + White Stripe Double Genuine Leather Wrap Bracelet - 6" - 7 1/4"

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